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Resources for the writer!

Roget's Thesaurus
Type in a word and get a list of matching entries. This has alot of good links, to help writers!
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Add some words of wisdom to your story!
The Elements of Style
This book was written long ago, but it is invaluable!
The Slot: A Spot For Copy Editors
A source for the rules involving spelling, punctuation and usage. Find out where to put that colon and comma!
Grammar and Style Notes
Some very helpful advice!
Virtual Paperclip: Writing
Some great links are here!

Notable Fiction Sites!

Fan Fiction On The Net
A great selection from A to Z !
Highlander: The Anthology
Some of the best fiction, about the Highlander!
Xander Mellish: Short Stories and Cartoons
A great site by an author, that began writing by posting stories all over New York city!
Dark Shadows The Creative Side Page Three
This is the most recent creative board! Check out all the boards!
Pure Fiction
Many links for writers and readers!
Info service e-books and text
A very complete guide to on-line books!
Some excellent links for literary genres....horror and romance.

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