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Interesting Webtv homepages!

The Asylum
A very creative site, with a collection of midi songs, news of the unusual and a trivia quiz.
WWWeird Zone
Adam has a page, that showcases everything strange! His handle is Soap Scum at the WBS webtv chatroom. Check out this site!
Angelicaflower Homepage
Jamica has a neat page! She has goth and poetry links! She is a very interesting person!
Stevie: Bookmark Server
A great site for webtv folks. You can save as many favorites, as you want, on this page, then save as a favorite!
Marcos1's Fan-Fiction On Webtv
I would love to learn, how to write! This page has resources and links for fan-fiction!
This site is wonderful! It has a wealth of resources for webtv folks!
Hap's Homepage
Hap from Kentucky has a nice page! Some great music from the Simpsons!
Crackr's Lair
Michael from Columbia, Missouri, has a page with links for country music, gifs and some notable nature painting!
Michael has made a beautiful and interesting site, exploring mythology and fantasy!
The Sage Page
Susan has a nice looking page, with some cool music and some very interesting links! Take a look at this page!
Insane Clown Posse
This page is about the Michigan rap group, the Insane Clown Posse. There is some good rap music at this site!
reesa's pieces
Living in Boston, Teresa has a great page! We have many common interests! We both love the Highlander and Xena!

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